let us begin

So here we are, India. The land of impossibilities made possible, so say the Indians. 2 girls has now changed into 3. Our lovely friend Lydia is joining us for a month on our Indian adventure.

We flew from Heathrow airport arriving in plenty of time to eat breakfast with our families and mooch around the overly priced shops. Funnily enough Fran and I have both opted for sausage sandwiches as our farewell food, just because they are so darn tasty.

We flew with Jet Airways which I’d heard was the budget Asian airline but it was actually all okay. Our section of the plane was half full so Lydia stretched herself out on the middle row of seats.

Landing into Mumbai was fun, so many lights glowed below us and the sea looked jet black against the bright city. Mumbai airport was easy enough to navigate. We landed into the international airport and after filling out our landing cards and Fran getting interrogated by an official as to why she was going to Kolkata particularly, we hauled our luggage over to domestic transfer.

Three girls, alone in a strange city in the early hours. Should they stay in the safe but overly air conditioned airport? I don’t think so.

Feeling overly tired we sparked up energy to go on a two hour taxi ride around Mumbai. “Let’s go to the beach!” Lydia shouted excitedly. And so our indian taxi driver who spoke but two words in English chauffeured us for 1600 rupees, we hadn’t grasped yet the conversion rate.

Mumbai at night was a flash of colours amongst deserted streets. It was the last night of the Ganesh festival and so we drove past trucks full of people dancing, shouting and wearing wigs. It was peculiar but the perfect introduction into a country we were sure we’d fall in love with.