planning our trip

I had a lot of fun planning and researching my trip and would happily do it again and for other people too. If this isn’t your thing there are lots of travel companies out there who can help you. I used STA Travel to book my flights as they find you the cheapest ones available. I already had a plan of where I wanted to go and STA pieced it together for me. I found them really helpful and they send me lots of reminders alongside my itinerary. You don’t even need to visit them but I booked an appointment at the St Paul’s branch during my lunch breaks.

I wanted the trip to be flexible so if we really liked a place we could stay on longer. I think we lost about £25 each due to changing trains *see roadtrip in Jaipur. We started East in Kolkata where we worked at the school, then we went North and worked our way down to the South and then back up to Goa and finished off in Mumbai. It can be hard to decide how long you want to stay in each place, so I researched lots of blogs to find out about other people’s experiences.

This was our trip:

Kolkata – 9 days / 8 nights

Varanasi – 3d / 2n

Agra – 3d / 2n

Delhi – 2d / 1n

McLeod Ganj – 2d / 1n

Trek – 4d / 3n

Jaipur – 4d / 3n

Pushkar – 4d / 3n

Jodhpur – 6d / 5n

Jaisalmer – 3d / 2n

Jodhpur – 4d / 3n we didn’t originally plan on going back to Jodhpur!

Udaipur – 4d / 3n

Kerala – 3d / 2n we planned to stay here longer however wanted to celebrate Diwali in Hampi

Hampi – 5d / 4n

Goa – 3 incredible weeks beach hopping!

Mumbai – 4d / 3n

India Map