Anokhi in Jaipur

My guidebook led us to the Anokhi cafe for “Real coffee, fresh juices, terrific cakes and cookies…”. After we’d had lunch we went to explore the shop across the hall. Think Anthropologie in India, only two thirds of the price. The store is beautifully laid out selling clothing, accessories, jewellery, textiles and bedding. Anokhi has 800 employees, a great boost to the economy supporting and sustaining staff in an open and honest working relationship.

The staff in there were helpful and very friendly but not in an overly sales way. We were able to wander around the shop and try on as many clothes as we liked in the dressing room. At the till the manager asked if she could take a photo of the necklace I was wearing (I’d bought it in a charity shop in England!)


I have to say though it isn’t really a backpackers budget. I bought white Aladdin pants for 1100 rupees/£11 and a crop Indian top for 1000 rupees/£10. Lydia bought some beautiful blue silk harem trousers for 1800 rupees/£18. Though you can buy harem trousers for 100 rupees in the markets, the quality is far less so really you get what you pay for.


Other Anokhi shops are also in Delhi, Chennai, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Fort Cochin, Kolkata, Lucknow and Mumbai.  I even discovered there is an Anokhi in Bath which I cannot wait to check out however I’m thinking the prices wont be the same…