The journey from Jaipur to Pushkar

India holds many surprises and is full of adventures everyday. So when the offer of a road trip to Pushkar was offered, we took it up.

Remember Vijay the elephant sanctuary guy from Jaipur? Well due to us getting on so well with him he said he’d drive us in his WWII jeep to our next destination, Pushkar. We said we’d give him money for petrol which would be around 2000 rupees (£20). We loaded our luggage into what space we could, tying our bags to the sides for safety. Vijay said he’d let Lydia drive as soon as we got onto the highway, she was most pleased. We all already had a practice driving around his sanctuary the day before so felt confident in Lydia taking the wheel. The only thing Lydia had to do was to keep the speed below 100kph otherwise the radiator would overheat….

photo 1 (4)

Vijay checking Lydia’s speed

We’d been driving for about an hour, wind in our hair, passing trucks, rickshaws, motorbikes right up until Lydia shouted there was green stuff spurting out on her leg! We pulled over and got out to take a look. Vijay lifted up the bonnet and there was the problem, the pipe had split in numerous of places and was leaking everywhere. Now I don’t have much car knowledge however I know that luminous green fluid pouring out is not a good sign.



We probably spent a good hour on the highway trying to fix the leakage. In the end Fran had to take out her bandages from the first aid kit (we’d made fun of) and Vijay wrapped it around the pipe securing it with tape.


Sourcing the problem…


A bandaged pipe

Vijay then drove us to the next town where he went on search for a new pipe saying we wouldn’t make it all the way to Pushkar. We went from place to place asking garages for the correct pipe (or hose?) for a WWII jeep… Unsurprisingly no one had it but everyone was willing to help.

lydia car

Ajmer not too far away

After much searching Vijay said he could only take us to Ajmer the station in the town next to Pushkar. It was very busy, thankfully he helped us find a tuktuk and transferred our luggage into the back of it. We said a fond goodbye to Vijay thanking him for the adventurous journey. I have a funny video of Lydia dancing by the side of the road which I’ll upload soon.