Pushkar: the holy city

Now if you are visiting Rajasthan you HAVE to visit Pushkar

Source: jaipur-tourism

Source: jaipur-tourism

With more than 500 temples in and around Pushkar the city is known for its famous lake. They say  the lake formed from a lotus petal which Lord Brahma dropped. Life revolves around the lake, with beautiful buildings and temples encircling it.


Milkman – Tucked away in a backstreet we stayed at Milkman, a family run guesthouse. We had a triple room on the 2nd floor and paid less as we didnt use the air con. We had a room overlooking lots of pretty rooftops. The rooms weren’t the prettiest but it had a good space to eat breakfast and socialise with other travellers. The manager was very friendly, learning my name instantly and singing it to me… Book online here.

Milkman Guesthouse India Pushkar

Other places to stay in Pushkar:

Hotel Lake View – Situated right in the middle of the market we came here for lunch with a perfect view of the lake. The hotel was really nice, the best rooms I imagine are the ones with a lake view. Book here.

Kanhaia Haveli – A family run hotel with air conditioning and wifi. Find out more here.

What to do

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Pushkar lake

Pushkar lake is beautiful. To get there you just need to head towards the main market and walk down. We intended to have a peaceful walk however it turned into us being followed by a holy man trying to bless us. Lydia got trapped by a man not allowing her to step over a water snake whilst Fran and I were hopping from one foot to the other due to the intense ground heat! All visitors to the lake are supposed to remove their shoes, refrain from taking photos and no smoking.

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Camel Trek

We had one afternoon riding camels, dined at a family home, spent a night in the Pushkar desert and woke for another camel ride where we took SATC2 style pictures. You can organise treks though guesthouses or with local travel companies. If you are booking it online look around to get the best price. Dinner is usually included.

Camel Trek Pushkar


Pushkar is great for shopping! I found the best jewellery shop in the market for beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. I met an Israeli woman there who said this was the best place to find jewellery in all of India and….she was right! Honestly it was by far the best and the cheapest. I bought lots for my friends and of course myself. You’ll find lots of beautiful leather bound journals here. I bought my nephews little Indian outfits which they look so cute in. On our last day we discovered the most amazing vintage shop! We spent all morning rummaging through the piles of Indian clothing trying the funniest things on. I bought silk lime green harem pants however I think I can only wear them in India…

Shopping in Pushkar



Whilst driving around on our rented mopeds we came across an outdoor food market, the only trouble was deciding which stall to choose! We ate tasty thalis and Lydia was able to make her own chapattis much to the amusement of the crowd. There is also lots of delicious street food in Pushkar (remember it’s vegetarian only!) I ate an incredibly hot chickpea dish which made my eyes water and a fever come on. It was so good!

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Pushkar Camel Fair

The world famous Pushkar Camel Fair is held every year in October where the prices in Pushkar dramatically increase. Thousands of camels come to Pushkar to be paraded around for beauty contests and races. If you plan on visiting during the same time remember that accommodation will have to be booked way in advance.To find out more information on the fair visit this site: pushkarfestivals.com


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How to get there

Train: The nearest main train station to Pushkar is Ajmer. You can get a taxi, tuktuk or bus from the station to drive you into Pushkar. There is a train northeast of the city however services are limited.

Bus: There are bus services you can take in and out of Pushkar. The Marwar bus stand is north of the town and the Ajmer bus stand is in the east.