Pushkar Camel Trek

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Through our guesthouse we organised a camel trek through the Pushkar desert. We were picked up in the afternoon on the main road with the camels waiting patiently for us. Seated on the camels they padded along the road weaving in and out of cars. We crossed over the stadium where they hold the world famous camel fair and walked out into the rather stark desert. I wouldn’t say there were rolling sand dunes, it was more like sand and dried up branches but it was still so much fun. We were allowed to walk with the camels ourselves and occasionally make them run. Our guides took us to their family home and were given the most delicious dinner. We dressed up in the sister’s Indian clothing and jewellery and played cards on the rooftop as the sun set. The family were lovely and the children seemed to like playing with us. We gave the mother and sister a tip for their kind hospitality.

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It was dark by the time we left the house and were taken back out into the desert. We slept on blankets layered on the sand. Despite the intense heat of the day, the air was cold during the night. We wrapped ourselves up and tucked our bags beneath our heads as apparently wild dogs can take them. That didn’t scare us at all! I have to say I didn’t sleep well but it was an experience.

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The family home with their camels

We woke up about 7am and told our guides to go for a walk as we needed to use the outdoor bathroom aka. a bush. When they came back they made lots of noise so we were aware of their return haha! We headed back to the family home and were given a breakfast of parathas, biscuits and fruit. The camels took us through a village, passing homes and a school where all the children waved to us.

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Riding through the town

What to wear:

I would recommend wearing trousers or a long dress on a camel as your legs can sometimes rub against the seat. It’s not the comfiest of rides but I believe you should always dress up for an occasion. We didn’t walk in the hottest part of the day but we still took scarves to cover our heads and shoulders in case the sun wanted to blast us. I’d also wear decent sandals as the stirrups can be uncomfortable. Oh yes and don’t forget to take water!

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Our mode of transport

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