13 Indian Train Station Rules

I’ve come up with a helpful guide to prepare and ease your mind on the chaotic station platforms

Indian Trains

Playing our 200th game of Punte!

1. You need patience

2. Be fine with everyone staring at you

3. Drink lots of chai

4. Use your luggage as a seat

5. Live off eating samosas and crisps

6. Talk to fellow passengers

7. Ability to read Hindi – or just ask an attendant

8. Be able to find said attendant

9. Cling to other travellers

10. Wait for 1, 2, 3, 4+ hours for a train

11. Be aware that it’s totally normal to sleep on the platform floor

12. Look like you know what you’re doing

13. Make the most of the luggage guys

Indian Train Station

Best 100 rupees ever spent!