Jaisalmer Camel Trek

If you are visiting Jaisalmer you HAVE to go on a camel trek through the Thar Desert.


The Trek

The Thar desert divides India and Pakistan, it is one of the most densely populated desert’s on the planet. We left our guesthouse late afternoon, arriving back the following morning. We walked for about two hours through the desert seeing the incredible sand dunes. Our friend Sky had to walk part of the way (guys find it painful to sit too long). We had four Indian guides, one was a boy aged around 12 who was very cute, I even got him to sing to us. When we arrived at our home for the night they gave us a large blanket to sit on to watch the incredible sun go down. We were fed biscuits and fruit until our dinner of vegetabe curry with chapatis was ready. A guy approached us holding a cool-box selling beer. I ended up spilling mine after a huge beetle crawled across my foot!

After dinner we sat with our guides and they sang a desert Hindi tune for us. We slept on beds which was far more comfy than the Pushkar sand from our previous trek. The moon was so bright but it was easy falling asleep under the stars. I woke up about 6am seeing a camel wandering around eating the dried up grass making loud crunching sounds with its mouth.

Aviary Photo_130682340842885436

How to book

Through your guesthouse – this is how we booked ours literally one day before we left. I emailed the hotel to reserve a room and inquired about camel trekking. Most guesthouses in Jaisalmer offer trekking or will have contacts. I prefer this way as we could negotiate the price and discuss everything included. We booked ours with Hotel Paradise.

Online – You can find camel trekking companies online like trotterscamelsafarijaisalmer.com which is good for people wanting to book everything in advance.

desert 2


  • Look fabulous! Wear something long enough to cover your thighs as they can rub against the saddle
  • Take a large water bottle (they should bring water but it’s good to have your own)
  • Bring a scarf as the wind can get a bit chilly after sunset and you can wear it over your shoulders
  • Wear sun protection – you are in the desert!
  • Take a head torch as you’ll need it when taking a midnight trip to the bathroom…
  • Remember your camera! It’s such an awesome experience
  • Take spare money to give as a tip


Don’t forget to play in the sand! 

Just look out for those pesky beetles…they’ll be after your biscuits.camel trek