Accidents on mopeds

Warnings. Warnings. Warnings. When will we listen?

I’ve heard so many horrible stories about motorbike crashes abroad I’ve never let it faze me knowing I’m a good driver. So when the accident in Jaisalmer happened it was not my finest hour though technically it wasn’t my fault. Despite our parents worried warnings of us not going on motorbikes…we did. I first rented a moped back in Thailand 2012 with no accidents so I was confident in my driving ability. We got mopeds in Pushkar and all was well apart from Lydia skidding hers into a shop. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt and had lots of help from Indian men. Her flip-flop had fallen off while she was trying to ride around a corner so be warned and wear proper footwear!


Goa bike trip

We hadn’t even planned on getting on a bike in Jaisalmer but we met a nice friendly Indian guy who said he’d take us to the famous havelis and the Gadsisar lake. Fran and I did look a bit skeptical at the three of us getting on a motorbike but we hopped on and said, ‘Challo!’ The accident happened soon after we visited the Nathmal ji ki Haveli, I remember us singing and then suddenly flying through the air landing with a thud. Shock is the first thing I felt as well as a weight on me. I was wedged on the ground underneath Fran thankfully I cushioned her fall, but that also meant my left knee took all the weight. Lots of people rushed over and picked the bike off us. I got up and shouted, ‘Where are my new sunglasses?!’ (Priorities clearly…) I spotted them a metre away uncrushed hooray! Then someone pointed out my knee and I looked down seeing blood trickling down. In that split second I could feel the pain. We carried on to the lake stopping off at a lassi shop, our guide felt very bad and was clearly concerned for my knee. The bike had hit a piece of dodgy pavement causing it to fall. By the time we got to the lake my knee had swelled, all I wanted to do was go back to our guesthouse. I felt reluctant getting back on the bike but I didn’t want to let it frighten me so he drove us back to Hotel Paradise. There Fran gave me her first aid kit to clean up my wound. I swaddled my knee in bandages and two hours later was on a camel trek! A lot can happen in a day!


You really do have to be so careful on bikes especially in foreign countries. I rented a moped in Goa which I found totally fine to drive and I wore a helmet. In Bali if the police catch you without a helmet they fine you on the spot. I’ve heard so many horrible stories about motorbike crashes abroad. I would never drive one in big cities like Mumbai or Bangkok or even go on the back of one. I still have the scar on my knee 6 months later….

Also beware of the boiling hot exhaust pipe near the back of the bike. Fran burnt her ankle leaving a scar for the rest of the trip!


With my bike in Pai, Thailand