India Awards

Along our Indian adventures Fran and I came up with an awards list. Now we are probably bias to many of the places (especially Jodhpur) but really, this list could go on and on….


and the awards go to….

Most breathtaking moment: Standing at the top of the Himalayas – it cannot get any cooler than that! 

Best chai: Given to me inside the art shop in Jodhpur 

Craziest but awesome city: Kolkata

Best beach hut: Tina’s beach huts, Agonda

Favourite guesthouse: Yogi’s Guesthouse, Jodhpur

Best omelette: Definitely the Omelette Man by the Sadar Market in Jodhpur 

Comfiest bed: Smyle Inn, New Delhi

Best place to buy a sari: Off the streets in Kolkata

Tastiest Indian snack: The samosa’s of course 

Favourite shop: Shri Manglam in Jodhpur, lovely staff and great prices

Best place to meet other travellers: Panarama Guesthouse, Udaipur

Market: Anjuna flea market, Goa

Silliest place we swam in: Pushkar’s lake 

City I’d like to live in: Mumbai

Saddest place to leave because I missed it so much: All of Rajasthan 

Favourite city: Jodhpur: the blue city

Most culturally different: Varanasi 

Best banana’s: The thumb sized bananas in Kerala – amazing! 

Happiest train journey: Seated class from Agra to Delhi

Most friendly people: The locals in Jodhpur and Hampi

Best monument: Taj Mahal! 

Cultural moment: At the Jodhpur RIFF festival listening to Rajasthani folk music 

Tasiest street food: The spicy rice dish in Jodhpur

One of our favourite afternoons: Swimming in a 30ft ancient pool and driving a WWII jeep in Jaipur

Easiest transport: The coach on the way from New Delhi to Dharamsala. We watched Bollywood films, fell asleep, danced with Indians at the rest point and woke up in the Himalayas 

Most imposing fort: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur 

Best restaurant: Ambrai next to the lake in Udaipur, delicious food with a romantic view / Sri restaurant, Goa for prawns! 

Most beautiful beach: Agonda, Goa