welcome back to india

I apologise for my delayed blog posts, something very exciting has happened… I have moved to India! So not only will I carry on blogging but I shall be able to visit more exciting places in this incredible country.

I have moved to one of the most populated cities in the world. Can you guess it?

That’s right! Mumbai, the home of Bollywood and endless dreams. Ever since I returned home from my trip in 2014 I knew I just had to go back. I’ve gone from being a backpacker to an expat! This is the view from my apartment:

photo 1

I’ll be working at a school here for one year teaching children English. It’s such an awesome opportunity which has been in the pipe line for a couple of months now. Sorry I didn’t tell you, I just wanted to wait until I was finally out here. It’s never certain until you are on the plane!

I flew with Jet Airways the same airline Lydia, Fran and I took. I’ve made a mental note not to book the window seat next time despite having the view! It felt so strange not to have the girls with me. Everyone at home were saying how inspiring I was going to India by myself, I held onto that as I sat very much alone.

I suppose along with my change of circumstances I should also change the name of my blog as it’s now only 1 girl in Asia. Hmmm any suggestions? I’ll be able to report way more in depth on Mumbai from what to do, cool places to check out and where to stay.

I still have a lot to do before I’ll really feel at home. Despite being in India for 3 months last year, my 6 months at home made me forget how different things are here. My apartment which was supposed to be completed by the time I arrived was still not done (and still isn’t!). It takes 10 men to do 1 job here. No one really has an answer for your questions, it’s a head waggle here and a ‘yaar maybe’ there. Already I can feel my patience being tested but isn’t that the point? Moving from the West is never going to be easy no matter who you are. I’ve already had a wall fall on me and my AC is apparently leaking gas. Just as you think everything is going the way you want India will always surprise you!

It really is an amazing adventure and I look forward to see what India has in store for me!