mumbai in pictures

I have been living in this incredible city for almost 2 months now (where has the time gone?!) The new school opens on 6th August so I have lots of preparation to do! Finally my apartment is well…almost finished. No walls have fallen on me lately and the awful sofas the landlord ‘kindly’ left us have been removed. My flatmate Emily thinks someone may have died and left their remains in them. I live with two girls on the 24th floor giving us an amazing view of South Bombay. We’ve gone a bit wall sticker crazy, I’ll have to dedicate a blog post to India’s love of wall art.

Fabulous news…. I will be back in Goa in 2 weeks! It’s my birthday so I’m going with the phrase, ‘you only turn 24 once’ and flying to one of my favourite locations for the weekend. Excited doesn’t even cover it……

I hope you like my photographs!


Busy Bandra


My local shopkeepers


Beautiful flowers from Colaba



Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus


An afternoon spent at Bombay’s Gymkhana


Brunch time flowers

photo 3