How to turn 24 in India

Theek hai, so I turned 24 back in August but I still feel the need to write this. It’s the third year in a row I have worked on my birthday so I figured I should at least step on a plane to make up for it. School made me a yummy eggless chocolate cake and I made a tasty eggless banana cake (I’m starting to get back to my baking ways out here).

Emily and I decided Goa would be appropriate for a short weekend getaway. Our flights were pricey considering it only takes one hour (we paid about £110 return). We stayed at The Fern Gardenia Resort in Palolem for two nights. The huts were lovely and it was such a good price for 3500 rupees. It’s a drive from the beach but I totally recommend it if only for the awesome swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and the cheapest vodka & cranberry drinks!


Now because it was August there was hardly anyone there. The streets were deserted and the beach was pretty much private. We sat on the rocks watching the sunset and felt very ‘shanti shanti’, Mumbai felt a million miles away… Being there for the monsoon was a wonderful experience, I just love warm rain (hey I’m from England!)


We ate lunch twice at Cafe Inn not just because it was the only place open but it’s actually really nice! Fran and I did the same thing last year drinking the fresh smoothies and trying all the different wraps. We ended our weekend away at the Hyatt relaxing and dreading the thought of leaving paradise. I’ve been living in India for over 4 months now….. My friends say I am turning Indian. What do you think?


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