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Piercings abroad

So you want to get a piercing whilst travelling. Why? Because it makes a cool story and creates a memory. I was seriously tempted to get my nose pierced in India. To the point… Continue reading

Accidents on mopeds

Warnings. Warnings. Warnings. When will we listen? I’ve heard so many horrible stories about motorbike crashes abroad I’ve never let it faze me knowing I’m a good driver. So when the accident in… Continue reading

since we were young

We’ve known each other since we were four years old, ever since Hannah (right) moved in next door pushing her little red wheel barrow across the path in front of a little blonde… Continue reading

here’s to new adventures

So we have decided to leave the comfort of our homes, our families, our friends and take a flight 4688 miles to Asia. We’re not entirely sure what to expect. Our trip will… Continue reading